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Leverage the Power
of your Past and Future
to Discover the Best of
Who You Are

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Hi, I'm Mike, nice to meet you!

So, I was approaching age 40, wondering, "Where did the time go?!" when I decided that instead of just asking that question, I was going to answer it! In the form of 40 interviews with 40 people from ages 1 to 40.

This unique journey through each age of my life revealed how looking back can help us understand who we are and who we aspire to become.

Using the power of pa
st reflection and future visioning, I now guide groups of students, professionals, and individual truth-seekers on a transformative, uplifting, engaging experience called a Time Travel Journey.

CLICK HERE to check out my TEDx Talk      

Interested in learning more about Time Travel Journeys? I would love to chat about how this can help you, your students, or your company.  

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