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Student Testimonials

“The main feeling that I had when I was traveling through these years was love. Because looking back I realized that I had so many amazing people in my life that loved and cared about me.”

- Hannah, CFS, MS

Teacher Testimonials

“Mike, today was pure magic.  Everyone in each of my classes couldn't wait to share their snapshots and they were forming connections the entire time. ”

- Cassie, CFS, MS


Administrator Testimonials

“I get a thousand excited educators sharing a thousand exciting ideas weekly, but one has caught my eye… the notion is that one of the greatest resources kids have today is themselves, and if they can tap into their own past, sense of fun, wonder, and curiosity, and bring it forward to today, they will be more resilient, happier, and have greater efficacy.”

-Director of Marketing Education, Microsoft


Parent Testimonials

“This class has given us a lot of opportunities to reminisce about my son’s wonderful qualities... Most importantly, he and I talked about his struggles as a little guy and how they were not his fault but just the way he was developing at the time. Thank you for this opportunity to connect with our boy!”

- CFS MS Mom

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