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Helping students turn self-doubt, anxiety, and isolation into self compassion, self confidence, and social connection!

TTJ provides school communities and youth programs with a customizable SEL experience that unites students, teachers, parents, and mentors to fight the epidemic of teen anxiety and depression.

Hear from the Teachers

What's a Time Travel Journey?

Think of it like a road trip through your past, present, and future. From 3-hour workshops to 3-month classes, this guided exploration uses a variety of engaging activities and challenges to connect us more deeply to ourselves and each other.

Each Journey guides participants through 5 key phases:

1) Launch (Prepare for liftoff!)

2) Past (Who was I?)

3) Future (Who will I become?)

4) Present (Who am I now?)

5) Landing (Completing the journey)

"Mike Iskandar has created an extraordinary experience. I have watched students of all ages marvel at their younger selves and get excited about what the future might bring."

-Henry Walker, 52-year educator

A Plea for Our Youth 


Teens and tweens are hurting. They are hurting themselves, and they are developing negative self talk and beliefs that don't just go away when the tween/teen years end. This isn't like that cliche Vegas saying. What happens during adolescence doesn't stay in adolescence. It carries on for decades into adulthood, impacting all areas of life, from relationships, to job performance, to well-being.

It's time to do something different about the epidemic of anxiety, depression, and isolation that students are suffering through these days.

I know this firsthand from my own life, and from a one-year journey interviewing 40 people from ages 1 to 40, who opened my eyes to the transition from the magic of early childhood to the struggles of adolescence, and how we hold onto those struggles.  

In the students that I've interviewed and coached and taught, I saw a need for a new approach to SEL and self development. So I developed Time Travel Journeys as a way to connect teens and tweens to the imagination, curiosity, playfulness, and simplicity of their past, the dreams and ambitions of their future, and how those discoveries can uplift who they are today.   

The transformation that I've seen in kids has been nothing short of magic. Check out the video featuring 5 middle school teachers who taught Time Travel Journeys to 150 students. And to see how the full story has come together, check out my TEDx Talk, and let's chat about bringing this to your students. 

Hear about the epic journey that inspired a curriculum that teachers are calling "magical"










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