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Asking the Big Questions

Age 40 was approaching quickly, and I was asking the big questions in life…

Where did the time go? Who am I? Who do I want to become? 

And where did I leave my car keys? (Seriously, I can’t find them anywhere!)

All this pondering led to an undeniable calling: I needed to travel back in time to each age of my life so far… to remember who I was... to heal old wounds that have been slowing me down … and to redefine who am I and who I want to become.

After failing to find an actual time machine (trust me, I looked), I thought, what better way to reconnect to all my younger years than to sit down and have a conversation with someone living and experiencing each of those ages.

My mission was set: in the year leading up to my 40th birthday, I was going to interview 40 people from ages 1 to 40 about what it’s like to be the age they are.

Expanding the Journey

​It started with middle school classes, workshops, and summer camp.


Guiding students on an exploration of their past and future in a way that uplifted their present sense of self.  

From students, the impact has extended to adults in the world of education, wellness, company team-building, and community outreach. 

Through it all, there has emerged a pillar of truth that applies to all ages: when we appreciate and feel at peace with our past, and when we are clear and excited about our future, we naturally uplift our present sense of self and create deeper levels of self compassion, self confidence, and social connection.

Traveling Back in Time

My journey was straight up magic. From the one-year-old’s sense of wonder, to the 4-year-old’s kindness, to the 6-year-old’s imagination, to the angst of the middle school years, to the optimism of the teenage years, to the adventure of the 20s, to the clarity of the 30s, each interview was like sitting down with a younger version of myself.

I learned to love who I was, who I am, and who I want to become; all while understanding and appreciating what others experience at all these life stages. 

 Building off the magic of my own "time travel journey," I was determined to enable others to experience this unconventional path of self discovery.   

Facing Fears @ 40
Original TTJ
Bringing TTJ to School

More than Memories

More than Memories

Get in Touch!

The first step of any Time Travel Journey is planning! Send me and email or drop me a line here. And don't worry, we won't board the Time Machine until you are fully prepped and ready for lift-off! 

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