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An Unconventional Vision

Key Methodologies:

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Self Reflection / Introspection

  • Future Visioning / Goal-Setting

A Focus on Transformation:

  1. From self doubt to self compassion (turning self criticism into self love)

  2. From anxiety to self confidence (turning worry about the future into belief)

  3. From isolation to connection (more deeply understanding and appreciating each other)

  4. From fixed mindset (“This is who I am.”) to growth mindset (“I am more than I realized.”)  

Key Beliefs

1) The Power of the Past: When we connect to the best versions of our past, we awaken powerful qualities that tend to fade away as the years pass by. Imagination. Creativity. Curiosity. Playfulness. Simplicity. We need these qualities to thrive in all phases of life. 

2) The Power of the Future: When we use those powerful early childhood qualities to create a clear, powerful vision of the Future, we infuse our life with optimism, excitement, focus, fun, and a redefined purpose. 

3) The Community of You: Community is not just the people around us. It’s the past and future selves within us. These can become our best teachers and guides and heroes. 

4) A Break from the Now: “Be Here Now!” ... “Live in the Moment.” ... “Stay Present.” We hear these mantras from every self-proclaimed guru from here to Timbuktu. Wise words, but they don’t tell the whole story. Sometimes “the now” is not our friend (see: Pandemic), and we need to tap into the past and future in order to gain new perspectives that uplift our present self. 

5) The Power of Play: Does self development have to be so serious? No. And it shouldn’t. Tapping into imaginary play and creativity isn’t just enjoyable, it’s essential to building crucial skills such as problem-solving, executive function, intellectual development, and cognitive flexibility. Play-Doh really is life-changing!   

6) Deeper Connections: Simply put… If you and I share our past--about where we’re from, our most impactful experiences, the influences and mentors that shaped us, how we became the individuals that we are today... we are going to deepen our connection. And if you and I share our future--about our goals and dreams, what motivates us, big-picture plans, the legacy we want to leave… the connection gets even deeper.

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