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Leveraging the power of the past and future to transform the present


Spark creative imagination

Unite your team

Strengthen your culture

Squash the epidemic of

burnout and turnover

Time Travel Journeys provides mission-driven companies with an innovative solution to professional development and team-building. An out-of-the-box experience with lasting impact.     

"Time Travel Journeys was an incredibly powerful experience. This process allows you and your team to break out of the typical problem-solving and brainstorming ruts that a lot of times we fall into as businesses. I cannot recommend it enough."

-Jordan Schumaker, President, Thought Leader

Bottomline Benefits

Burnout --> Creative Imagination

Turnover --> Loyalty

Apathy --> Engagement

Disconnect --> Collaboration

Same old, same old --> Innovation
Aimlessness --> Clear Direction

VMS Teacher Time Travel_edited.jpg

Professional Development Done Differently

Enough with the cliche trustfalls, paintball, and ra-ra team-building activities. Go deeper with a meaningful, perspective-shifting, hands-on process with lasting impact fueled by the timeless benefits of...

1) Past Reflection: re-awaken youthful imagination, creativity, and curiosity  essential to a culture of innovation and progress. 

2) Future Visioning: tap into dreams and goals that inspire and direct your company's long-term vision and legacy. 

3) Present Transformation: translate past and future insights into a powerful identity that unites and uplifts your team.

4) Collaborative Creation: construct a team time machine that physically symbolizes how far you've come, who you are today, and the direction you are headed in moving forward.  

Explore options for a half, full, or multi-day workshop. 


"As a leader, I observed your attentive, authentically personalized approach to engaging my team. Your suberb resources expanded our experience beyond anything limited by the 'team-building' descriptor."

Hi, I'm Mike Iskandar

Over a decade with Southwest Airlines Culture, combined with a profound TEDx-featured social experiment. 

The result? A signature process that is lighting up companies with a unique competitive advantage.

My team loves working with leaders committed to leveling up their employee experience in order to amplify their customer and community impact. Let's chat!

"Mike Iskandar is one of the most creative curriculum and learning experience designers that I've met in my travels. It truly is serendipity that our paths crossed."

-Amos Fodchuk, President, Advanced Learning Partnerships

Corporate Retreat Feedback:

"Mike made this all about us. I know we're more connected and happy to collaborate after taking part in Time Travel Journeys. I would absolutely book him again and you'd be crazy not to."

-Taylor Conroy, 4-time TEDx Speaker

"I have appreciated the opportunity to connect with each of my colleagues throughout this journey. I feel as if I now know each of them in an authentic way."

-Madeline Black, Education Consultant

"Engaging, meaningful, organized, challenging, ultimately just fun. While this was personally rewarding, it was also rewarding for our company. When we came together, we shared our stories and leaned into the big goals we have, personally and as a company. It was a great way for us to connect and learn together."

-Craig Bennet, Education Consultant

Beyond the Office, Into the Community 

The evidence is in. Our relationship with our kids and our community impacts our work performance. Let's chat about setting up a parent-child workshop for your employees and their kids, as well as an employee service day where your company sponsors and engages with a local school.  

Let's chat about designing a Time Travel Journey for your team.

Mike Iskandar

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