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Social Emotional Learning


An unconventional approach to helping students overcome depression, anxiety, and apathy.

An adaptable SEL workshop and curriculum helping over 10,000 students leverage the power of their past and future to foster deeper self-compassion, self-confidence, and connection to peers, teachers, and parents.  

"Mike Iskandar has created an extraordinary experience. I have seen students from all ages marvel at their younger selves and get excited about what the future might bring." -Henry W.

Empower your students to transform...

1) Self-Doubt to Self Compassion by connecting to the most uplifting parts of their past (imagination, curiosity, playfulness) and how far they've come.

2) Anxiety to Self Confidence by tapping into the most uplifting parts of their future (dreams and goals) and how much there is to look forward to. 

3) Depression to Connection by discovering how the past & future can unlock a higher version of their present self, and strengthen their bond with peers, parents, and teachers.  

Interested in these benefits for your students?

CASEL-aligned workshops and curriculum guiding students on a 5-step journey of self discovery 

The Roadmap: 

1) Launch: Intro and Time Machine Design
2) Past: Awakening childlike qualities  
3) Future: Envisioning goals and dreams 

4) Present: Redefining who we are 

5) Landing: Reflecting and celebrating

What Your School Receives:

1) Proven Workshop Blueprint using activities and reflection to drive engagement
2) Charismatic TEDx Speaker to facilitate onsite
3) Highlight Experience to showcase to families  

4) Effective SEL Strategy to extend into classroom


Let's set up a Time Travel Journey for your school

"This project has shown me how I used to be. And finally, I have a glimpse of who I want to become." 
-Declan, middle school student

Hi, I'm Mike. Nice to meet you!


After reflecting on the struggles of my adolescent years, I felt a calling to travel back in time and help those younger versions of myself. To bring this idea to life, I spent the year leading up to my 40th birthday interviewing 40 people from ages 1 to 40 about what it’s like to be the age that they are (see TEDx Talk below).

What emerged was Time Travel Journeys--an innovative, multi-faceted Social-Emotional Learning program that transforms self doubt, anxiety, & isolation into self compassion, self confidence, and social connection.  

With teacher burnout and turnover at an all-time high, and student mental health at an all-time low, Time Travel Journeys proves that a single day can change the trajectory of a life.

My unique program is a product of my unique background:

  • BA in journalism & sociology, University of North Carolina

  • Traveled to 40+ countries across 6 continents

  • Youth tennis coach for 10+ years

  • Leader for Fortune 500 company culture task force

  • Conducted 40 interviews with 40 people from ages 1 to 40

  • TEDx Speaker delivering talks/workshops to 10,000+ students


Find out how my experiences can help your school

Praise for Time Travel Journeys

Teacher Feedback:

“I really enjoyed working with Mike to help make the Time Travel Journeys program happen for our 8th graders this year. It gave them a chance to truly reflect on how they were as kids, where they want to be in the future, and how those experiences and goals can help them stay focused on and appreciative of the present ... We often need to be reminded that we are our own biggest fan; that we are all important and have a journey that we're traveling on."

-Kenneth Rochester, FS of Atlanta 

Student Feedback:

“When we grow older, our imagination and playfulness fade away. It happens so quickly that I don’t think we notice. I don’t want that to happen, though, and this project has taught me that it doesn’t have to... This project has made me remember how I used to be. It has given me a clear understanding of what makes me who I am. And finally, I have a glimpse of who I want to become.” -Declan, CFS MS 

“Thinking about my past and my vision for the future helps me see parts of myself that are sometimes hidden from me in the present moment. I want to celebrate my determination because even when things are hard, I somehow find a way to get through them.” -Middle school student 


Parent Feedback:

"This has given us a lot of opportunities to reminisce about my son's wonderful qualities ... Most importantly, he and I talked about his struggles as a little guy and how they were not his fault but just how he was developing at the time. Thank you for this opportunity to connect with our boy." -Katy, middle school parent

Check out the TEDx Talk!

Mike Iskandar

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