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For Adults

Exploring your past and future selves to discover your best self

Time Travel Journeys can be implemented as a school class, after-school activity, home-school enrichment program, community workshop, or one-on-one coaching resource. It can be modified to last anywhere from a few hours to a few months, with one student at a time, or groups of up to 15. An engaging keynote talk can also be arranged for your community to learn more about the unique story behind Time Travel Journeys and the impact it can make.  

For parents, TTJ provides a unique opportunity to break the normal parenting routine and bond with their kids through childhood photos, stories, and memories.  

[SIDE: “…Thank you for the opportunity to connect with my boy.”] 

For educators, this provides a fun, adventurous format that energizes students and serves as a competitive advantage and bold statement that your school and community is raising the bar on how you develop not just the academic mind, but the whole self. It demonstrates a renewed commitment to the mission of inspiring creative thinking and going above and beyond to provide kids with the life skills they need to become their best selves.]]]

“Mike Iskandar has done an absolutely *AMAZING* job with the Time Travel Journeys course… These experiences are simply unbelievable. The whole course has been amazing.”

- Middle School Parent

What if you could travel back in time to your youth, and ahead into your future? 


What would you learn about who you were, who you’ve become, and who you strive to be? 


What if these discoveries could unlock a better version of who you are today?

Mike Iskandar has created an extraordinary experience. I have watched students marvel at their younger selves and get excited about what the future might bring. Mike demonstrates brilliant insights into what each age’s developmental levels are all about–the positive, the negative, the challenging, the celebrating. Parents have regularly reported the transformative enthusiasm their children have experienced in this ‘time travel’ class.”

Henry Walker

49-year middle-school teacher


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Time Travel Journeys

Exploring your past and future selves to discover your best self