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About TTJ

Exploring your past and future selves to discover your best self

In the year leading up to my 40th birthday, I interviewed 40 people from ages 1 to 40 about what it’s like to be the age that they are. Something profound emerged. I discovered that when I took the time to explore the experiences and perspectives of my younger years, it sparked an awakening of the qualities that came naturally to me as a kid. As I traveled back in time to age 2 and 5 and 7 and 10, I remembered what it was like to be fearless and imaginative and playful and curious. By exploring who I was in my past, I was inspired to look ahead at who I could be in my future, and it ultimately changed the way I saw myself in the present, bringing out a broader more self-compassionate look in the mirror. From my experience, I was inspired to guide students through their own time travel journey. 


Through my teaching and coaching, I’ve seen firsthand what kids are going through and I can’t help but see a reflection of my own childhood self. and how much I could have benefitted from the qualities of my youngers selves and the potential of who I could become. Digging into my present, past, and future from fresh angles would have done wonders for me as a kid, has done wonders for me in middle age, and is now making a genuine impact on kids today. 


Along with my time-travel work, I coach middle-school tennis and hone my cheesy sense of humor on the p.a. as a flight attendant and culture ambassador for Southwest Airlines.        


Follow my journey here at timetraveljourneys.com and on facebook and instagram at #timetraveljourneys 


“Mike Iskandar has done an absolutely *AMAZING* job with the Time Travel Journeys course… These experiences are simply unbelievable. The whole course has been amazing.”

- Middle School Parent

What if you could travel back in time to your youth, and ahead into your future? 


What would you learn about who you were, who you’ve become, and who you strive to be? 


What if these discoveries could unlock a better version of who you are today?

Mike Iskandar has created an extraordinary experience. I have watched students marvel at their younger selves and get excited about what the future might bring. Mike demonstrates brilliant insights into what each age’s developmental levels are all about–the positive, the negative, the challenging, the celebrating. Parents have regularly reported the transformative enthusiasm their children have experienced in this ‘time travel’ class.”

Henry Walker

49-year middle-school teacher


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Time Travel Journeys

Exploring your past and future selves to discover your best self